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Welcome to an overview of the Parafield Gardens High School Digital Portfolio project. All students here will have the opportunity to design, construct, add to and maintain their own portfolios throughout their secondary education at Parafield Gardens High School.

The following information about e-Portfolios is directed to students:

What is a e-Portfolio?

  • A student's e-Portfolio will contain an electronic version of the three Parafield Gardens High School foci.
  • These are: Well-being, Pathways and Learning, as well as your best work and highest achievements.
  • You will keep your e-Portfolio throughout high school.
  • At the end of high school, you will take a copy of your e-Portfolio with you either as a file on a USB stick or DVD.
Who is responsible for my e-Portfolio?

  • Your e-Portfolio is solely yours.
  • You may add to, edit and update during provided Long Home-Group sessions as well as some class time.
Who will see my e-Portfolio?

  • Your e-Portfolio is priority a tool for self-reflection and your future aspirations. You own it and therefore may show it to whomever you wish.
  • Your e-Portfolio will be used as a guide by your Home-Group Teacher to gauge how you are doing at school.
Will I get marked on my e-Portfolio?
  • Your Home-Group Teacher will make a comment on your e-Portfolio within your end-of-term report.

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