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Esuyawkal Abirha

Sports Committee Leader

Hi I am Esko, the 2021 Sport Committee Leader. Fun fact: I'm the best soccer player in the school aha jks. My role in this community is to bring everyone as one with different types of sports. My goal of the year is to a great job together with my different committee leader and achieve many thing that we planned and I want to make as many fun sport events as possible.

Sara Alfred

Wellbeing Committee Leader

Hi! My name is Sara Alfred and I am the leader of the Well-being committee at PGHS. My goal for this year is to encourage creating a positive environment within our school. I hope to showcase and motivate students to spread positive attitudes within classrooms and outdoor environments. Through the past events that we have held, we have received much positive feedback that I hope throughout the year we can work on and expand I hope of spreading and building a welcoming environment.

Bassil El Kordy

Inclusion Committee Leader

Hi I am Bassil, your Inclusion Committee Leader for 2021. I am so excited to work with and meet you all this year. Creating an inclusive environment in our school is important, not just for my committee but for anything that occurs in our community. I am hoping to facilitate many events and work with other leaders to do just this. At the end of the day, students should feel like they are a part of our school, becoming the best versions of themselves. This can be through a simple 'Hello' or 'How are you?' It is important that we work and communicate effectively with one another, helping each other along the way. We are here. So, lets make the most of it.

Louise Elliot

Environmental Committee Leader

Hi I am Louise. As a leader, I have a clear focus on the environment at PGHS. This is a critical aspect to our overall development and contribution to the community. It is important that we work together to create a sustainable landscape, filled with greenery, and even relating back to the way we communicate with one another. It is time to implement effective methods such as recycling bins that can benefit our school. The environmental committee is all about caring for our environment both in the schoolyard and our classroom. Our goal will be to improve and create the best eco-friendly environment that we can. Throughout the year we will be participating and leading events such as Earth Hour, other environmental awareness days, and Schoolyard cleanups.

Hannah Oxford

Events Committee Leader

My main goal through the Events Committee is to continue developing the Student Newsletter and supporting my fellow leaders in proposing other events and getting them up and running in our school.

Manisa Sonn

Multicultural Committee Leader

Hi everyone, my name is Manisa and I am the intercultural committee leader of the year 2021. I am excited to be exploring, and learning, as well as celebrating the multicultural aspects and the different cultures that make our school a safe and accepting place for all students, regardless of their skin colour, race, and ethnicity. I look forward to working and supporting you all throughout the year. So, let's work hard, have fun and make the most out of our 2021.

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