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Since 2011, Parafield Gardens High School has engaged in and developed a close relationship with the Sammy D Foundation. All year 8 students undertake an impact presentation and team building activities with the Sammy D Foundation on year 8 camp. Through the telling of Sam's story, students learn about the consequences of violence. Following the presentation, from Neil Davis, students undertake workshops which empower students to make positive, safe choices.

Sam's Story

In 2008, 17 year old Adelaide teenager Sam Davis went out with his friends to a party on a Saturday night, just like hundreds of teens around Australia. The difference was that Sam was to fall victim of a violent and unprovoked one punch assault that left him on life support with a fatal head injury.

Following the devastating loss, Sam's parents Nat Cook and Neil Davis founded the Sammy D Foundation, with the ultimate aim of providing skills for young people in order to prevent such a tragedy from happening in our community again.

Dream It Crew

Initiated in 2012, the Dream IT program stands for 'Dance Representing Expression Awareness and Mentoring through Inclusive Transition'. It is a joint initiative between PGHS and the Sammy D foundation to promote engagement in young people. Through your child's participation in DREAM IT they will gain:

Our student wellbeing leaders are responsible for a range of duties including;

  • New skills in creative dance and personal expression through physical movement.
  • Opportunities to 'empower' others and to make positive life choices.
  • Leadership skills and mentoring capabilities amongst young people from various cultural backgrounds.