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Year 7 to High School

At Parafield Gardens High School, we are proud of our connections with each Hollywood, Lakes & Gardens partnership site and our achievements with transitioning students from other primary schools into high school each year.

In 2021, as part of the statewide Year 7 to High School move, PGHS is aiming to increase the scale of its existing transition program to be inclusive of Year 6 and 7 students to maximise student success and continuity of learning in 2022.

We believe that increased opportunities for transition throughout the year will:  

  • Build student familiarity with their new school site, decreasing feelings of anxiety and increasing readiness for learning in new environments
  • Increase opportunities to form new relationships with teachers, SSOs and peers from other sites, developing a sense of wellbeing and belonging
  • Provide students with insights into the year 7/8 secondary school curriculum, particularly core subjects
  • Allow students to connect and identify with our Middle School on a semi-regular basis, creating a culture of connectedness where students positively identify with their surroundings
  • Support students to understand our firm expectations and agreements about learning and behaviour.
As a leadership team, we have worked together with each primary school to identify space in Terms 2 and 3 to offer half-day transition visits to PGHS, with flexibility for school sites to modify dates if necessary. Our planning has been based on the recommendations outlined in the department's most recent research and reporting, including the Year 7 to High School Teaching and Learning Guide and the Year 7 to High School Pilot Project report, Leading the Way.

Download the outline of our 2021 program here.

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