Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Parafield Gardens High School

Our school motto is 'Quality Learning, Quality Futures'. We teach our students how to learn and to understand that effort will lead to success.

We strive to ensure that every student reaches their full potential by continuously developing our teachers, continuously improving our curriculum and by ensuring students take responsibility for their learning.

Our school values are 'Respect', 'Achievement' and 'Determination. These values provide clarity for our students about the learning and behavioural expectations we have of them and provide a lens through which staff reflect on their work.

Our decisions about teaching and learning are guided by beliefs;

  • Students learn best in a safe and welcoming environment, where diversity is valued.
  • Students learn best when they are involved in curriculum design, have a respected voice in decisions about teaching and are actively involved in school governance.
  • The achievement of high academic standards is enabled and underpinned by a curriculum that also develops student well-being, entrepreneurship, problem solving skills, resiliency and creativity.
  • Every student should achieve standards in literacy and numeracy that enable successful employment and further learning.
  • Learning is enhanced by us working closely with families and the wider community.
  • Students should establish goals, be clear about their futures and know how to get there.
  • To continuously improve student learning outcomes, staff must work collaboratively and engage in continuous personal learning.

  • As a school we provide clarity about the things we think are important, through site agreements about:

  • Academic standards
  • Student relationships and behaviours
  • Quality Teaching
  • Attendance and uniform
  • Drafting work, meeting deadlines and continuous improvement goals.

  • Our students achieve consistently high University and TAFE entrance scores and achieve good employment outcomes. We have a dedicated and highly qualified staff, with low rates of staff turnover. Student and parent feedback suggests a high level of satisfaction with education at Parafield Gardens High School.

    Martin Lippett

    John McCulloch
    Chair Governing Council

Our Location

Parafield Gardens High School is located next to excellent public transport, well established housing estates and convenient service and shopping facilities. Our school is about 25 minutes from the Adelaide CBD and is close to a wide range of resources and attractive locations, including the Port River Tourist precinct and the beautiful Barker wetlands.

To add to the learning environment our school uses the proximity of many features and resources. These include the University of South Australia (Mawson Lakes Campus: Maths and Science classes), the TAFE colleges, the Salisbury Council and the various industries of the district. This mix of industry and environment enables the school to offer a wide variety of learning experiences that open up exciting opportunities and career pathways for our students.

Key features of Parafield Gardens High School

  • A culture that highly values student voice and the development of student leadership
  • Dedicated staff who place great emphasis on both student success and their own learning and continuous improvement
  • An excellent range of curriculum and specialist programs, including courses preparing students for University and Vocational training
  • In house specialist learning assistance including; accelerate programs for high achieving students, small classes for students new to English language, learning assistance to enable all students to meet our literacy and numeracy standards, cultural liaison staff, Aboriginal support teachers and disability support teachers
  • Goal setting by all students and specialist career development staff
  • Excellent ICT and computing facilities
  • A wide ranging Arts program including music, art, drama, dance, multimedia and graphic design
  • International programs including visits to other countries and hosting international students
  • An outstanding sport and extra-curricular program, including camps, inter school sports and athletics that develop our student?s social, emotional and physical talents.
  • As a 'Trade School for the Future', we deliver a wide variety of pre university STEM programs and a wide range of accelerated vocational education pathways.

"We have a continuous improvement agenda around all that we do"

- Martin Lippett, Principal